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Day 11 of the 30 Day Song Challenge is “a song you never get tired of” and for today’s challenge I have chosen the song “Bump” by King IV out of Melbourne, Australia.

I first covered King IV’s “Bump” in November 2017 – although, I had already covered King IV on three occasions prior to that and as early as October 2016 – however, I become quite obsessed with the single from therein and proceeded to play it four other times on the Eat This Music radio program in a span of two months, and quite frankly, I still think the single is solid and worth sharing.

I went on to cover King IV’s music on numerous other occasions: October 2016, July 2017, including an interview in November 2017 and had her in my favourite songs of 2017 in December 2017.

Connect with King IV: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Feel free to share your own either through here or on your personal social networks. This is all about sharing the music you like with other people while we go through this “pandemic” together.

Tomorrow: Day 12 – “A song from your preteen years”.

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