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Day 9 of the 30 Day Song Challenge is “a song that makes you sad” – as opposed to yesterday’s “a song that makes you happy” – and for this challenge I have chosen the song “If I Die and Nothing Happens” from London-based alternative artist Hero Fisher.

I appreciate the artistry in this single and I think Hero Fisher is really good – in fact, I have covered Hero Fisher previously on Eat This Music here and here, and three others times on the Eat This Music radio program; who knows, this song could possible have a positive message, however, this song and video does make me sad for one reason: “what if I die and nothing happens?” I mean, that is some deep thought process.

“If I Die and Nothing Happens” comes off the release of Hero Fisher’s 2018 album “Glue Moon“, out now through all the usual streaming platforms.

Connect with Hero Fisher: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Feel free to share your own either through here or on your personal social networks. This is all about sharing the music you like with other people while we go through this “pandemic” together.

Tomorrow: Day 11 – “A song you never get tired of”.

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