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Day 9 of the 30 Day Song Challenge is “a song that makes you happy”, and for this challenge I have chosen the song “TV” from West Coast singer/songwriter Colleen Green.

There is a specific reason I have chosen this song and not because it is a song about TV – who doesn’t love TV? – but because I can’t help but sing along to it, badly mind you, every time it pops up on my phone or while shuffling through songs on Spotify, and I consider that to be a happy experience when it comes to listening to music.

“TV” comes off the release of Colleen Green’s 2015 sophomore album “I Want to Grow Up“, which is out now through Hardly Art.

Connect with Colleen Green: Twitter | Instagram

Feel free to share your own either through here or on your personal social networks. This is all about sharing the music you like with other people while we go through this “pandemic” together.

Tomorrow: Day 10 – “A song that makes you sad”.

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