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Australian rock music hadn’t been as appealing until New South Wales’ Johnny Hunter came along and smashed boundaries with their previous single “1995” back in 2018, since then the five-piece out of Sydney have gone on to release four other tracks – two of which come off their forthcoming debut EP, “Early Trauma“.

One of those tracks is “Try As You May“, a fresh taste of what is to come off Johnny Hunter’s EP, which is a song that is hopeful for hope and lighter days, explains Johnny Hunter.

Going into detail about the single, Johnny Hunter explain that “Try As You May” is a cry for something better, a call for mercy and an honest admission to the fear of perpetual loneliness once a chapter finally comes to an end.

“Try as you may to escape your pain, but once the escapism fades the only thing to do is dance in the purgatory you find yourself in.”

Johnny Hunter’s “Try As You May” is now out independently.

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