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Greta Stanley is a 25-year-old musician, who also works day jobs in retail and Disability Support. Greta once rescued a greyhound who she LOVES very much named Stormy and currently lives in Cairns, far North Queensland. Greta likes cooking, creating, health and animals! [smiles]

Since the release of her previous record, Greta has just been working between her two jobs (very lucky to still be employed at the moment!) and trying to keep a very low profile outside of work, and with all the chaos going on mostly indoors and spending quality time with her dogs. At this time, Greta’s boyfriend is trying very hard to convince Greta now is the time to start a country band with all their spare time.

This brings us to Geta’s latest single “Soak Into This“, a song that Greta tells Eat This Music is about relationships, whether that be romantic, friendships or even family related. The single also reflects on times spent and the excitement of what adventures are ahead. Essentially it is about a feeling of growing for Greta.

For Greta, the song was sparked from a romantic relationship about her partner, they were out and about meeting his friends in Brisbane and it was just an exciting feeling to feel something new growing. Greta tried to paint a picture about how you can have these wonderful memories that vary so much – from being out and about, to going to festivals and concerts, knowing you’re surrounded by new things and new people, and to hone in on that one time and really getting to know someone and in Greta’s case, falling for them, hard.

On the creation of the single, Greta revealed to Eat This Music that she and her producer Tobias paired up for a small session in Brisbane through their mutual teams, Greta didn’t think anyone expected a whole song to come out of four hours. Tobias spent a lot of time continuing to work on it once Greta left back for home, but the bones were definitely laid out pretty strong that day. Greta chose this ‘single’ in the sense of the lyrical content and such that day because it was fun to create something brand new with Tobias. The lyrics were sparked as she just spent the weekend at Bigsound with someone and Greta was reflecting on some of the fun stuff, and thinking about all the fun things to come still!

It is a brand new year and Greta is very excited to have some new music out! It definitely feels strange to release with no solid touring or yearly plan ahead given the circumstances around the world right now, but Greta thinks people still need music and other creative arts because it is a time that everyone will be feeling very anxious and uncertain, music helps Greta with that stuff, so she hopes that this song will bring a bit of fun into peoples’ homes over the next few isolated months.

Tobias and Greta have another single up their sleeves but they both thought “Soak Into This” was the one to kickstart Greta’s 2020 campaign. This single felt fitting for a new year, it is fun, and it has got some excitement in it and Greta thinks or at least she hopes is uplifting, and Greta believes that is a good way to enter a still relatively new year.

2020 looks to be an interesting time for Greta Stanley, as she hopes to work on a new release – whether it be an EP or album – however, at the moment, Greta explains that it is hard to say when that can fully take place, due to so many restrictions nationwide right now.

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