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It makes me feel good when an artist I have never heard of gets in contact with me asking to have a listen to their new single, and I am glad someone like Sam Leoh did. Because not only am I fan of a good bop that makes me feel good, but I also like to learn about artists and gain an understanding of who they are. And in the case of Sam Leoh, she is an independent solo artist from Bolton (UK), currently living in Manchester (UK), and making introspective Synth-Pop songs.

Since the release of her previous single “Outside In” in 2018, Sam Leoh went on a much needed personal quest, whilst continuing to write and perform at gigs around the UK, eventually mooring up with the release of her first single in nearly two years, titled “Stay“, a song “about falling in love and finally being with someone that you know is the right person for you, but recognising that there will still be challenges along the way”.

Going into detail on the creation of the single, Sam tells Eat This Music that she was keen to write an upbeat and feel-good song, as she was writing from a different perspective compared to the previous songs she had written, and Sam wanted her new music to reflect that.

“I like a lot of 80s songs, so I played an 80s drum loop, and built the song and demo track up from that. I found a synth sound I liked and played around with chords until I got a verse soundscape I connected to.”

Following on from the aforementioned, Sam revealed that after looping the verse for a bit, the lyrics came out, and everything else just fell into place nicely. Sam took the song to a studio where it got re-recorded with the production team she worked with previously. That team brought the best out of the track with their expertise by taking bits out, adding bits, and tweaking bits as they felt necessary. There was a pretty goofy arpeggio Sam originally included in the demo, which thankfully didn’t make it to the final cut!

Sam originally recorded “Stay” in October 2019, but it has Spring/Summery vibes to it, and although Sam was keen to release it straight away, she waited for the new year. Sam, chose March 20th 2020 as it’s the first day of Spring this year to release the brand new single. “Stay” was always meant to be the follow-up single to “Outside In”, Sam reveals, it just took a while to get through her system and out into audio format.

2020 looks to be a good time for Sam Leoh, as she will be working on some new demos, with the hope to record and release more new music by the end of the year. Sam also has a few ideas for YouTube uploads in the meantime! Stay stay tuned for more from Sam Leoh in the near future.

If you would like to get to know Sam more and discover more of her great music, then I suggest having a listen to her previous singles “Blink” and “Shoelace” because both are great tracks.

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