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SACHI are an electronic duo out of New Zealand and recently Nick and Will released a collaboration with a female artist named Naika, called “Enchanté“, and for those that didn’t take first-year French in school – it is essentially the word for “Nice to meet you.”

Following on from the release of SACHI’s debut EP “Nights with Ruby“, in the latter part of 2019, Nick and Will – and their fantastic sarcastic pop – have put together a fun bop that mixes French, English, learning about words and a bright world of sound through the sassy nature of their characters within the song.

Speaking on the creation of the single Will explained that when hey and Nick “were writing the song it came out super fun and sassy,” kind of like “going out to the club and not taking shit from anyone.”

“We spent time in Paris a few years back and that’s just totally the experience we had of Parisian nightlife.”

With Nic adding that the duo “had been wanting to write a song with a bilingual chorus for a while” and this “song came out super naturally when” they “wrote it with Naika [vocalist], who’s first language is French.”

The dou always they their best to make songs that make you [the listener] dance, especially in a live setting with friends.

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