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Back in 2018 Eat This Music had the opportunity to have a chat with Australian musician Reece Mastin on his career up until that point and at that time in his life, Reece explained to Eat This Music that he was going through a transition as an artist; from an upstart pop star on Australia’s version of X Factor to a full-fledge rock star, however, since the last time Eat This Music spoke with Reece, he revealed that he has been doing well, and that his band has “been touring flat out since” the release of his EP ‘Suitcase of Stories‘ and also working on a bunch of new music that is going to be coming out throughout the year, “The River” – his brand new single released recently – is the first of many cool things to come from Reece Mastin.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of “The River“, Reece explained that this is actually the last song Reece will release about a certain chapter of his life, a sort of closing of one door and opening of another so to speak. The River was written in a friend of Reece’s bar in Sydney with his own drummer and best mate, Mitch Rodgers.

It was a ritual for Reece to be sitting on the stool right at the bar, drinking away his worries and trying to push his mind to happier thoughts. Looking back now though, Reece is in a much better place than he ever was, as she sees the negatives and the positives of that time of his life and it comes out in his brand new single. “The River” is not melancholic or bitter, it’s aggregate and complexly beautiful.

Reece likes to challenge himself in finding alternative angles to write his music from. Reece has always found it easy to write about his own experiences just has many other musicians have done before him. Usually Reece records all of his own instruments, except drums, however, this time was different, as it was great to have his whole band come in and play on the track Reece reveals. Having “The River” fully live with no tricks or edits was important for Reece and enthusiastically expresses how much “the boys” smashed it.

“The River” is the start of a bigger journey for Reece. As is life has found some clarity as of late and it has enabled Reece to cast an eye to where he would like to be in the future and set a solid plan in motion. Reece loves “The River” very much and he feels it has let himself wash his hands of the last chapter and start this one.

“You’ve gotta start somewhere right?! I used to have so much anxiety and pressure around releasing new music, like if it didn’t change the world it would be a failure. Whereas now I think people like what they like and if it can be something someone out there loves, it’s a win for me.”

While this was not the first new single Reece wanted to release, he does reveal that he has “ALOT of music sitting in the vault” ready to go, however, “The River” stood out to Reece because the song wasn’t trying to be anything in particular. The River had its own soul and Reece wanted something that could speak on its own without any help.

“The River” is just the first of many tastes of what is to come off is forthcoming album, in fact, Reece revealed to Eat This Music that the “album is moving along nicely” and touring has helped so much, because it has awesome to just get back down behind the faders and really hash out a new sound and intent for the coming journey.

On the album, Reece revealed that fans can expect “Positivity.” As Reece imagines it is for all musicians, music is very much a reflection of a musician’s day to day life. Striving for happiness when possible is massive for Reece as he feels life any other way is wasted. The new music on the album has all of those feelings in it. Songs that make you wanna smile, dance, love, drive, party – the list goes on. All I can say is – get ready for some fun!

The early half of 2020 looks to be a good time as Reece has a “pretty amazing film clip coming for The River” coming soon, and everything else is focused on the new record and hopefully some tours in some amazing places.

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