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Sumner is Chloe and Jack. An alternative electronic duo out of Tasmania. Cat people. Studio rats. And recently the duo out of Tasmania released their first single of 2019 entitled ‘Blame Myself‘.

Over the past twelve months Sumner have “written 50+ demos,” spent time writing with the likes of Australian music juggernauts PNAU, and “played a heap of shows.”

Following on from the release of their 2018 single ‘Put It Out‘, the Tasmanian duo have returned with a song “based on heartbreak” and also “self reflection”, Sumner tells Eat This Music. Speaking on the inspiration of ‘Blame Myself’, Sumner explains that “the inspiration behind the track is a relationship breakdown.”

“In the moments when it’s all falling apart, it’s easy to pass the blame rather than taking a look at your own behaviour and acknowledging it’s your own fault as well.”

Expanding on the above, Sumner express that thej “song is based off of a real life experience,” so essentially their own “lives played a major part in the creation and inspiration of the single.”

According to Sumner, it feels “like a relief” to have the song out, as they have “been writing music quite intensively” over the past twelve months, “so it feels good to begin showing the world” what they have been working on in their time locked away in the studio.

The creative process of the single was “a very natural and easy process” for Chloe and Jack. Chloe explains that “Jack had been working on the beat with Commandeur”, which included “using a vocal sample” from their “good friend Chuck Pyecroft”. Jack explains that “Chloe heard it in the studio one day” and “had the vocals written and recorded within about an hour” from there. The duo state that it was one “of those beautiful creative moments” where “all the pieces fall into place pretty effortlessly.”

Sumner have “been itching to showcase the artistic development” of their music since their last release in 2018, especially the growth Chloe and Jack have over the past twelve months. Sumner “felt it was crucial to hit the ground running in proving” the evolution to their audience, Sumner adds that “the change of pace that Blame Myself brings is a pretty solid example of this evolution.”

“With releasing the single in November 2019, we wanted to set the tone for what future Sumner releases will feel like moving into 2020.”

Sumner have returned to fine form with their great blend of electronic and pop, with a bit of story telling thrown in there. 2020 looks to be an exciting time for Chloe and Jack as they promise “2020 is going to be full of Sumner releases”, so you better stay tuned.

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