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Tasha Angela is a “singer, songwriter, pianist” and “composer blessed with a beautiful tone” and “a gift for melody” out of Canada, and recently the Toronto native released her single ‘Lost In Translation‘, a song about reminiscing “on the past” and “having wistful memories” and also “desires to go back to when things were at a different period in” Tasha’s own life. Essentially it is not a song “about a particular moment” but “rather many moments wrapped into one.”

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of ‘Lost In Nostalgia’, Tasha explained that as an “artist you are never certain wether” songs “will be received well” when they are released, however, it does feel “amazing to know that” her single is “finally out” in the world, mostly because “it usually takes time” to produce a song and it “is a tedious process” to go through, however, Tasha is “glad that” ‘Lost In Translation’ is “getting good feedback” and that “people are enjoying” the song.

As there is with most songs, personal and life experiences play an important part in the creation – or some sort of influence – of song creation. Tasha assured Eat This Music that there “were certain elements of” her own life that were “captured in the video”, including images from Tasha’s childhood, her father, and her “family life over time with actors playing older and younger versions” of herself and relationships.

The creative process of ‘Lost In Nostalgia’ “was enjoyable” for Tasha, especially having it be her “first video shoot.”

“There were a lot of people on set who were super supportive of the vision for the music video and in general. A friend and I came up with the idea of roller skating and having it have a dreamy feel which was incorporated in the video as well. The director then added her own flare and turned it into something that added more meaning and life to the video.”

On the importance of ‘Lost In Nostalgia’, Tasha expresses how it was super important to make” because the song holds a lot of meaning” for Tasha and she feels that it is “something that a lot of people can relate to as well.” Tasha is hoping “the lyrics resonate with everyone” and she hopes “everyone can take something from” the song.

Tasha “wrote the single” earlier this year and “decided to have it be the first single off” of her debut EP ‘Hidden Gems’ – out at the end of the year – “because it resonates with a lot of different people” and “in turn hopefully attracts many from young to old to relate” and “love my music in some way”, Tasha expresses.

Going into detail about the music video, Tasha explained that she and a friend “discussed the feeling” of the video and “what it evoked”, which “was a dreamy” and “dance track”, which is also evident in what you see throughout the music video. Tasha “decided on roller skating” which then “turned into having an actual story line for the music video.”

The visuals of the music video “represent the lyrics really well while incorporating different age groups,” and “a dream like setting with the disco ball,” also “different shades of red and blue and having different elements that represent the feeling of nostalgia” as the title of the song depicts.

“Dancing was a small way to incorporate the dream like feel of nostalgia and it also adds energy and life to the visuals and song itself.”

‘Lost In Nostalgia’ has a “great message and “melody that translated” Tasha’s “sound and style effectively” as her “first release” and it is “also a great representation” of what Tasha’s “upcoming EP has to offer.”

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