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LIA is an artist out of Montreal, Quebec who likes “to make music that makes” LIA feel something. Music has “always been how” LIA expressed her own “internal state (described by an astrologer as a tsunami of emotion).” LIA likes “pushing boundaries of genre to nuzzle” her way into something undefinable.”

Having had the idea for ‘Come & Seek‘ back in August 2017, which “was quite a test” of LIA’s patience, LIA is finally relieved to have ‘Come & Seek’ finally out. Coming off the release of LIA’s forthcoming EP, LIA recently had a chat with Eat This Music about the release of ‘Come & Seek’.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the creation of ‘Come & Seek’, LIA explained how she “wrote this single “as a call for love to find” herself because she “finally felt ready to accept it.”

“Before writing this, I dated a lot of emotionally unavailable people because I was also shelled off emotionally. I felt a lot of things internally but didn’t express so much externally.”

“Over time, I made more of an effort to vocalize my needs and feelings in all of my relationships (romantic/platonic/familial) and so at this point, I felt like I could finally welcome love into my life”, LIA adds. Touching on the relevance to LIA’s own life, though, LIA states how her own life played heavily over Come & Seek”, and not just ‘Come & Seek’, in fact “the whole EP that it’s a part of” was influenced by LIA’s life. Come & Seek “is very much a project of self-reflection.”

As mentioned above, ‘Come & Seek’ had been in the works since August 2017, however, LIA explained to Eat This Music how ‘Come & Seek’ “was the first track that” LIA’s collaborator Lust approached” her “to collaborate on.” The recording “session for this song was the catalyst for the conception of the rest of” LIA’s forthcoming EP. When the two of them met “to record for the first time”, LIA “was sitting on a bunch of unfinished music” and Lust saw where LIA “wanted to go with it.” Lust offered to help LIA finish the “project and now here we are!” Funny enough, Come & Seek “in particular is probably the song” LIA and Lust “spent the least amount of time working on” out of LIA’s entire EP. ‘Come & Seek’ came easily. That’s the rush LIA lives for in music: “when you can feel that it’s sitting ~just right~ after you’ve tried out an idea.” Most importantly though, “Come & Seek was a door that opened, breathing life into the universe it came from.”

On the importance of ‘Come & Seek’, LIA expressed how it is “interesting because it’s the first song” LIA and Lust “finished from the EP”, but “definitely the last chapter of this story” LIA is trying to tell. It is “the part where everything resolves” and working backwards reminded LIA how far she has come to get to that final page” of the story.

“I was writing for a bunch of collaborations at the time – trying on lots of hats. The difference with this one is that it felt like I wrote it for me and not someone else’s project.”

The timing of ‘Come & Seek’ could’t be any better as LIA “wanted to shine the right light on” her whole EP”. LIA “finished it in March of 2018” and LIA knew she “could release it quickly just to put it out there”, but LIA thought” ‘Come & Seek’ “deserved more attention and thoughtfulness, essentially planning “takes time, making content takes time,” and LIA “just wanted to do it right.”

LIA is releasing three singles before dropping the EP on November 1st. The three singles “were always the singles” LIA “wanted to highlight from the EP so” LIA “was happy to squeeze them all in before November 1st!”

The idea for the music video came from “one of the directors, Jonathan Brisebois, that originally proposed the idea of a light show.” LIA and her crew “all saw that incredible Apple Homepod ad with FKA Twigs + Gaspar Noe’s masterpiece that is CLIMAX.” Essentially those “works heavily inspired” LIA “to do some kind of destruction-of-reality theme for this video.”

For LIA’s other singles, ‘Out of Control‘ and ‘To The Woods‘, “there was a direct relationship between the stories and the visuals”, however, “Come & Seek is more of a subtle nod to the hysteria in” LIA’s own mind that she “went through before reaching the version” of herself “who wrote the song.”

LIA did not have another song in mind to release, in fact, LIA knew she “wanted to make visuals for this song, however, LIA “didn’t have a clear vision about what” she “wanted before speaking with the video team.”

“It was such a technical and physical challenge. The first time we got it in one take, everyone was clapping and celebrating. It was a beautiful moment to share as a team!”

LIA’s “next projects are going to be politically geared.” However, going into detail about the previous statement, LIA explains how she is “really inspired by the power that music and art hold to spread messages.” LIA “saw a sign while visiting” New York City “that questioned “should art be the example of change?”,” LIA “studied environmental science and economics”, so LIA has “always wanted to challenge” herself “to write about topics that inspire” her “other than” her own emotions, so there is a lot of other things “to be explored through art besides the self (not that exploring the self isn’t valuable).” Currently LIA is “writing about our fragile environment,” she is “writing about dystopia,” and writing about immigration.” Music is about pushing LIA’s “imagination into new realms” and it is “emotionally charged in a very different way than” LIA has felt before.

The remainder of 2019 looks to be jam-packed for LIA as she will “be playing some showcases in November (Indieweek and M4MTL)”, LIA also has “got an all-female-producer remix EP that” LIA is “lining up to drop in early 2020.” LIA is “super excited about this especially”, because LIA “recently saw a crazy statistic about how women only make up 2% of producers in the music industry!” LIA is “honored to have insanely gifted artists part of that 2% remixing” her project. Besides those projects, LIA is “working on some collaborations and finishing up the development of the project that will come after this first EP.”

As an artist that has been surrounded by music her whole whole life, LIA’s grandparents on her “mom’s side were both singers”, and her dad taught her how to play guitar. LIA is “an only-child” and her “parents are divorced”, so LIA “had a lot of time alone to think and muddle.” LIA’s afternoons after school before her “dad got off of work were sacred times for” her “to test out ideas”, and growing “up in suburbia, music was an escape to another world more exotic than the one” LIA existed in.

LIA’s ‘Come & Seek’ is a powerful anthem that not only showcases her solid work as a storyteller, but the production aspect guides you along for the entire journey. The same can be said about the visual aspects too.

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