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Back in April Eat This Music covered the release of A Me B‘s debut EP ‘Wide Awake‘, however, since the release of A Me B’s debut effort, the England-based artist has been working hard on new material “in the studio” and also co-writing “some songs for other DJ’s / Producers.” A Me B is “really excited about the future releases”, which brings us to today and the release of A Me B’s brand new single ‘Love Won’t let Me Go‘, a song, A Me B tells Eat This Music, is all about “the first time you fall in love and all the complex feelings that arise with it such as infatuation and uncertainty.”

“It’s something I can imagine a lot of younger people being able to relate to right now.” — A Me B on the meaning of ‘Love Won’t Let Me Go’

Speaking to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A about the release of A Me B’s new single ‘Love Won’t let Me Go’, A Me B explained that “this is a pretty personal song” for her and it is also entirely based on personal experience from her own life.

A Me B “actually wrote this track 4 years ago.” In fact, the evolution of ‘Love Won’t let Me Go’ started one day when A Me B “was playing around with some chords on a midi keyboard” and then A Me B “suddenly got a vocal melody” and the “lyrics for the verses.” The song “just seemed to flow naturally” for A Me B, and “it was pretty quick to write.” A Me B “then sent over the rough vocals to a producer named Phil that” she has been “working with” and “within a day” Phil “sent the song back with more of a club / dance feel” and “it really seemed to work” for the both of them. A Me B and Phil then “tried a few different dance versions until” you hear what ended up being released today. A Me B recorded her “vocals in Northwich for it” and “worked with a keyboardist named Steve to add a bit more musicality to it, then it was all mixed in Blackpool with another producer” A Me B works “closely with called Calibeats.”

It had been a little while since A Me B last release new material, as to why A Me B wanted to release ‘Love Won’t let Me Go’ now, she explains how she “didn’t really want to wait too long for another release” and this new song “was near enough ready to go, so it felt like it made sense to release it now.”

“I thought it was good to show a bit of versatility and have a more upbeat light hearted song for a change. I can also play this one out in clubs when I’m DJing.”

The remainder of 2019 is an interesting time for A Me B, as she would like to start preforming “live again soon once” after she has “got a few more songs ready,” so there are “lots of preparation for that,” and “for more future releases.” So stay tuned for from A Me B and expect a lot of other great vibes and music full of heart from a new artist yet to scrap the surface of what she can offer to the world of music.

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