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Following on from the releases of ‘Champion‘ and ‘Magic Woman‘, Australian-born, Los Angeles-based pop artist George Maple has recently released the next instalment in her musical journey – and feature film journey – with her brand new single ‘Superhuman‘.

Superhuman is an interesting single, becayse not only is it a bouncy, glitchy electro-pop/R&B anthem, but ‘Superhuman’ is essentially used as a platform for George Maple to continue her own feature film work in a meta sense. Speaking to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A, George Maple explained how all of “the songs on” her “upcoming record were written as a kind of fan fiction to the feature film synopsis” she had written earlier in 2019. Expanding on the previous statement, George Maple explained how the “film is a kind of fantasy driven sci fi based on” her own experiences in life.

“Superhuman was written as the moment where our lead character re-discovers her sexuality and divine femininity. The song is basically my reminder to wake up, have fun and take risks. I can fall into the trap of over analysis.”

Now that ‘Superhuman’ has been out for a little over two weeks, George Maple expressed how “it feels wonderful” to have the ‘Superhuman’ out. And how “excited about this next phase of music” she is. George Maple adds how it has “been a lot of fun creating” ‘Superhuman’ and it is “always really rewarding to see the songs breathe new life in the outside world.”

Exploring the relevance of her own life to ‘Superhuman’, George Maple expressed to Eat This Music how she truly believes that “you can’t write what you don’t know”, or essentially have experienced in life. “The manifestation of how that ‘knowing’ transpires can be so different from individual to individual”, George Maple adds. For George Maple, it is “a weird hybrid of imagination, fantasy and real life”, so the “real life cements the emotional placement of the work”, which shines through this nearly three minute track.

Going into details about the creative process of ‘Superhuman’, George Maple explained how creating music has always felt “quite fluid and relatively simple.” However, one day George Maple “was hanging with Chris + Tez (WSN + Motez) at” her place “a few years ago” and they both had the instrumental you hear in Superhuman. George Maple “had the chorus ‘superhuman’ hook in” her “head already and laid it over the instrumental,” which is what you now hear in the final product.

“I didn’t finish the song until about 3 years later when I was in my house over here in LA. I have no idea how it happened, I just started singing into my laptop over these chords and then the chorus magically made its way into the song structure.”

“A few weeks later I produced it with my friend Adam who is my magical musical brain brother. he took it into a super fun pop place,” George Maple continues.

Coming off the release of George Maple’s forthcoming LP in 2020, George Maple delved into a little bit of the story of the LP, explaining to Eat This Music how each song she is “releasing is like a little magical puzzle piece”, where all “the pieces fit together as a kind of fan fiction accounts of the film” she wrote. All the songs “make sense eventually”, however, with that “being said,” George Maple ultimately just “wanted to be dynamic and experiment with vibes, songwriting styles and energies.”

While George Maple may not be doing much else other than working on her LP at the moment, George Maple did tell Eat This Music how she is currently in “the studio writing and producing for other people and projects”, which is “something that has always been such a joy and privilege to be asked to do.”

“I launched the production company and management company a month ago and there are multiple projects we’re working on alongside some artist development.”

On the remainder of 2019, George Maple explained how the “singles from the LP will slowly be revealed over the coming months and in the meantime” she is “just focusing on creating and as always, refining and developing my craft and trying to live a balanced life.”

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