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Today sees the release of another cover of A-ha’s most iconic track, ‘Take On Me‘, this time around it is from London pop artist Alice Pisano.

Before getting into a discussion about the cover, Alice gave an update as to what Alice had been up to since the release of her debut EP earlier in the year, explaining to Eat This Music how she “released a live video of” her “latest single ‘Stay’”, which was “filmed in a beautiful church in North London.”

Following on from the release of Alice’s debut EP ‘Celebrate Life‘, Alice has put together a beautiful stripped back version of the classic, that showcases her fantastic vocal range and also her acoustic guitar skills.

Speaking on the release of the cover, Alice tells Eat This Music how it is exciting” to have it out, and “a bit daunting at the same time!”

“It’s such an iconic song and everyone knows the original, I hope people will like my version too.”

While trying her best to pay respects to the original single, Alice explained to Eat This Music how she “tried to treat this song as if it were one” of her very own singles and “to reinvent it in a style coherent with the rest” of her music.

Going into detail about why she wanted to release this cover, Alice expressed how she “had been thinking of doing this cover for a while”. However, “then one day” she “was just jamming on” on her “electric guitar” and then “started playing the chords of the” the iconic single, and the “rest just flowed very easily.” Although, Alice also explained how it “just felt very natural to make” her “own version, giving space to the lyrics and melody.”

Speaking on why Alice wanted to create a cover version of A-ha’s single, Alice expressed how it is her mother’s “favourite song!” Adding how she “grew up listening to it” and she “ended up interiorising it” and also “felt the need to make a stripped back version of it,” while also “keeping the feeling of urgency of the song” and “making it more vulnerable and mellow.”

Expanding on the aforementioned, Alice expressed how she “always perceived” the single “as a rather melancholic tune,” and she felt her “version turned out to have quite an autumnal feeling.” “October seemed a good time to release it,” Alice concludes.

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy time for Alice as she is currently working on her “next original single”, which will be coming “out in the next few months,” and also “be playing a show in Madrid on 23rd October (in a secret location)” and also “a show in London on 28th October at Pizza Express Holborn.”

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