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Cuja is a pop artist out of California and recently the Los Angeles native released a her first music video for her latest single ‘New Bitch, Who Dis?‘, a song about being “done putting up with someone’s crap”. Following on from the release of Cuja’s debut EP back in June, Cuja explained to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A how it has “been a super fun ride putting the song out” and also “hearing what the fans have to say!” Which Cuja assured Eat This Music, it has “been really rewarding” so far.

“I’m so happy NBWD [New Bitch, Who Dis?] is finally out! It was such a blast writing the song and I knew it was going to be a fun summer jam. I’m glad it has finally made it to everyones ears!”

Going into detail about the relevance to her own life, Cuja explained how the single “was definitely inspired by” her own life. “When creating the song, I brought a few stories to Alina and Elli (aka pop duo Lyre) and we had a long chat about toxic people in our lives,” Cuja adds. Expanding on the the aforementioned statement, Cuja explains how she “really wanted to communicate a real feeling” she “was having”, which was “the feeling of rebirth.” Several events in her life led her “to the realization that” she “shouldn’t let the negative energy distract” her. “In the session, I kind of said “I’m a new bitch, who dis?” as a joke and we immediately knew that was the vibe,” Cuja continues.

Speaking on the creative aspect of the single, Cuja gives props to her collaborators “Alina and Elli”, who “are such pros.” Expressing how it was “amazing to work with them, especially since they have a lot of high profile artists they work with.” Additionally expressing how Cuja is “very lucky to get a glimpse of their writing process,” especially Alina, who “has been a great mentor for me as an artist and also inspired me to become a producer. I owe them a lot!” Cuja adds.

On the importance of the single, Cuja explains how she “could feel” herself “gestating on some big artistic release.” “I had my EP ‘Vol I’ coming out in June, but once I got this idea in my head, I knew I had to make it and put it out ASAP.” Cuja continues.

Touching on why Cuja wanted to release the single now, Cuja explains how she knew she “wanted something fun, but still a bit of a dis track.” Cuja “also wanted to speak to the women in” her own “life” and let her fans know “that they can shed the negativity and just be the queens they are.”

“NBWD is all about embracing your inner goddess and leaving all the bad stuff in the dust.”

To follow on from the brand new single, Cuja has released her first music video, which was used a platform for Cuja to experiment with her visual side. Speaking on the creation of the music video, Cuja explains how she was intered “in playing with a darker pallet”, however, she “still wanted lots of colors.” “Its a celebration, so we wanted it to be really vibrant”, Cuja adds. To compensate the lyrical journey of the single, Cuja explains how “a lot of the visuals were inspired by the space” at “Urban Jungle Studios, which has this amazing pink theme with neon lights.” However, “the bridge visuals with the throne are inspired by the tarot card, Queen of Swords.”

Expanding on the above statement, Cuja explained how there already is “such a strong story within the music” she has created, as she “was much more interested in just presenting” herself “as an artist and really establishing” her own “arrival on the pop scene.”

“The story is still prevalent in the video, but it’s more the internal world rather than the script to the song story. “

Going into details about what Cuja has coming up, the pop artist explains how right now she is “taking a little break from the releases”, as she has “had a crazy summer releasing” her “debut EP” and her current single, “the music video” and also recently playing a “show at The Peppermint Club in LA”, So Cuja is “really looking forward to taking the Fall to get back to the creating and make some new music!”

On the remainder of 2019 though, Cuja expresses how she is “hoping to get out some more video content”, if she can “pull it off, maybe one more single! But we’ll see!”

Final word from Cuja

“Just that I’m excited for this journey and am looking forward to giving you guys some new music!”

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