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Recently Sydney-based pop artist KLP announced the release of her upcoming debut album ‘Giver‘, due out for release in November, and to coincide with the announcement of the debut album, KLP also released a fresh taste of what is to come off the album with her brand new single ‘Push‘, a song KLP wanted to make “that was tough and made” KLP “want to dance but also sing at the top of” her lungs!

“So it’s just about pushing yourself, trying to take things one step further and not waiting for people to tell you to GO. Giving yourself permission to go for it.”

With the release of the new single and forthcoming debut album, this was a good opportunity for Eat This Music to have a chat with KLP about her latest single and what listeners can find within the album. It would be an understatement to say KLP is underrated, because that is not the case at all, in fact, KLP has been making great music for quite a while, and Eat This Music has been a fan of KLP since first hearing her single ‘Air‘ back in 2016.

Speaking on the release of her brand new single, KLP explained to Eat This Music in a Q&A how she “feels good” that the single is now out to the public. KLP also expresses how it is a song she made by herself “just sitting alone in” her “little home studio” and how it is “sometimes scary to think about how it will sound/be received out in the world.” But KLP assured Eat This Music that “so far the reception has been overwhelming!”

Touching on the personal inspiration of the single and KLP’s music in general, KLP expressed how everything she writes “comes from real experiences to do with” her own life, even “if it seems like it’s surface level and fun – sometimes that’s all you need and you just want to sing and dance and let go in a club!” KLP expresses.

On the creative aspect of ‘Push’, KLP explains how she “had written all the other songs on” her “album” already, but she “anted 1 more” release “that was a club track.” KLP “had the line “We don’t need noone”” and the rest of the single “just came about pretty quickly from there.”

“It was the last track to write for the album so I was pretty excited to have it done because it meant I was super close to finishing off the whole record!”

On why KLP decided to release the single now, KLP explained to Eat This Music how it “felt like a great way to follow up” her “last single HEATER and also get everyone pumped for the rest of the record.” Expanding on the aforementioned, KLP adds how it is “always hard choosing singles because there are a few other songs on the album” she “would love to put out as stand alone tracks”, however, “the timing worked well for this one just ahead of her “tour and it felt right.”

Moving away from the new single – which is quite good and worth the praise – and a great companion single to ‘Heater’, KLP delved into the details of her forthcoming album, explaining how there “is a little bit of everything”, including “club tracks”, and also “full songs with lots of vocals and stories.” To say the least, KLP is “pretty proud of how it captures all the different sides of who KLP is and the music I love and make.” KLP adds.

Expanding on the previous statement, KLP expressed to Eat This Music how the album is about her life to be exact; “there are love songs to other people, love songs to myself, songs to dance to, songs to make you feel strong AF.” KLP hopes “it covers a few emotions.”

For the time being though, KLP feels like she has done enough and deserves a rest, explaining what she has coming up for the remainder of 2019, KLP adds, “OMG I think having a baby and putting out an album is enough right now haha. Hopefully a few days off ;)”.

“Listen to my music, come see me at a show and come and say hi! “

With all that said, for those who are unaware of who KLP still is, KLP is a pop artist out of Sydney, and Eat This Music has covered KLP’s music on numerous occasions with the releases of her singles ‘Changes‘, ‘Ember‘, What So Not’s ‘Goh‘, and a couple of other times on the radio program on 10 July, 17 April, 29 May 2019, and even as far back as 4 May 2016!


Push is a great indication of what is to come off ‘Giver’ and another great example of KLP creating great pop music infused with aspects of electronic and dance beats, over-arching vocals and a bright, fun atmosphere. I guess you could say Eat This Music is a fan of KLP and looking forward to what she does next.

‘Giver’ tour

To celebrate the release of the album, KLP will be heading out on the road. You can find the dates below.

Sunday, 20th October | Marco Polo, Sydney
Thursday, 31st October | Burleigh Pavilion, Burleigh Heads
Friday, 15th November | Uni Bar, Hobart
Sunday, 17th November | SOHO @ Fox Hotel, Brisbane
Saturday, 23rd November | Old Man’s, Bali
Saturday, 7th December | Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle
Saturday, 21st December | Otherwise, Townsville
Tuesday, 24th December | Leftbank Hotel, Perth

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