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It has been a while since I last heard from Norwegian pop artist Hanne Leland, in fact, the last time Eat This Music covered a song from Hanne Leland was with the release of her single Weak For You back in June, however, today sees the release of Hanne’s brand new single ‘The Nights I Can’t Sleep‘, a slow pop melodic tear-jerker, and a song Hanne wrote about her “own personal struggle with anxiety and insomnia.”

Before getting into details about her new single, I wanted to know what Hanne had been up to since the release of her previous single, “I’ve been a studio rat this whole summer”, Hanne explained, as she had been “writing and recording a lot of new music”, and that does not seem to be slowing down as Hanne’s “release schedule is super busy next year”, so she has “been preparing for that.”

“I’m singing about all the things I’m afraid of (which are many!), and how I feel like I should’ve been further ahead in life.”

Speaking on the inspiration for the single, Hanne explained to Eat This Music how she thinks “a lot of people feel that way [aforementioned]”, with the “pressure we put on ourselves is insane. I’m slowly learning to be nicer to myself”, Hanne expressed.

Touching on the relevance of her own life to the single, Hanne touched on how the single is “very much an autobiographical song”, as she “wrote the song by” herself “with no co-writers so the whole thing is pretty much like a piece of” her own diary.

Hanne “wrote the song at home, started with the lyrics and came up with the melody after that” she “recorded a demo of it in” her “home studio and then recorded the rest with producer Jim Eliot’. It’s a Hanne Leland song right down to the chord.

On the importance of the single, Hanne explained how “writing is very therapeutic for” her, and how expressing herself “through music really helps” her “make sense of things” in life, so to her, the single “was really important to address these emotions.”

“I know a lot of people struggle with the same things as me, and hopefully this can be a song for them to turn to.”

To Hanne, it is “important to be authentic and real” in her music, she does not “want to hide anything or show just the glossy and polished side of” herself, Hanne continues, expressing how she thinks “people connect with the raw truth” so she wanted to share her story, and how being “vulnerable can feel scary, but it’s also very freeing.”

On releasing the single now, Hanne explained to Eat This Music how she “actually never thought it would be a single”, as she “wrote it for” herself and “thought it was too “private” to share with anyone”, but she changed her mind “after recording the song”, and it “was just too good not to be shared.”

However, The Night’s I Can’t Sleep was not originally going to be Hanne’s latest single, as Hanne explains, she “did have another song that was going to be released this autumn”, however, it was “decided to postpone it until early next year”, and it is “another sad song” but “very different from “TNICS””, and it “will be released January 2020.”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy time for Hanne Leland, as stated above, not only is her release schedule busy, but Hanne will also be “releasing a cover of one” of her “favourite songs”, and she will also be “playing a few shows again this fall”, with the next one taking place “in Oslo on October 13th with one of” her favourite “artists Greyson Chance”, and also working on her “next EP and planning some exciting stuff for 2020.”

Who is Hanne Leland by Hanne Leland

“If you like emotional pop that makes you feel things (both happy and sad!), come find me on your preferred streaming service. I also post a lot on Instagram, so pop in and say hi there (@hanneleland) 😊 ”

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