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Elodie Rêverie has released her brand new single ‘Skeleton Castle‘ since I last spoke to her, however, have a listen to her latest single below and then feel free to read of the interview I did with Elodie about her previous single ‘Gold Rush’.

Following on from the release of Elodie’s single ‘Reverie‘ a couple of months ago, recently the Los Angeles-based pop artist Elodie Reverie released her brand new single, ‘Gold Rush‘, a song that “was inspired by the legacy of the mid 1800s gold rush,” Elodie explained to me in a recent Q&A.

“I explore the concept of uprooting your life and chasing a dream and I think the lyrics resonate with people powerfully.”

Going into detail about the creative aspect of the single, Elodie explained to me how she “wrote the lyrics on an iPhone note after a minor hearing injury in the studio,” expressing how she “didn’t know if” she would turn the experience “into a song or not but” Elodie is “a bit addicted to creative expression.”

“A few weeks later when I was healed, I made the beat in an hour and recorded the vocals at 4th street with engineer I’ve worked with a lot this year”, Elodie adds.

Touching on the importance of the single, Elodie explained to how she “wrote the lyrics when life felt quite intense.” Explaining how she “was excited by” the “inner momentum and work ethic about” her “relatively recent choice to pursue music full time in January of 2019.” Elodie “was in the studio so often” and she has “this awful habit of turning” her “playback too loudly until” she has “completely damaged” her “eardrum and was not allowed to be in the studio for weeks.

“In the song I specifically reference this when I say “I was listening to my headphones too loud, how come no one told me, don’t want to let this bring back the old me, don’t want to lose the gold I dug up from my soul” in the third verse.”

“My listening habits put the future of my music career in jeopardy”, Elodie continues with explaining how when she “got better”, she “made this beat” and “got right back into the studio”, now how she how she is “a lot more careful with my listening habits so to me the actual making of the song speaks to perseverance!”

With the release of ‘Gold Rush’, Elodie explaines how she “felt like” she “had something to say” and she hopes “others can find what they want to say through the track in their own words.”

“I wanted to release it [Gold Rush] in the Summer because Summer is about melodious and
warm production, feeling good, and contemplation for me,” Elodie adds.

“All in all, I think the message of the song and it’s production makes it a great Summer song!”

2019 looks to be a busy time for Elodie as she has “been working on producing and writing original music since January” and you will “definitely want to look out for upcoming releases!” Elodie has has an upcoming song she “wrote in the UK called “Skeleton Castle” coming out in early September” and also “a song called “Fire in the Desert” coming out in late September!” Elodie will also “be at Arlene’s Grocery on September 13th”.

With all that said, Elodie Reverie has one last message for you to take away:

I make all my own beats and I write my own lyrics—I self manage and book gigs—I am very proactive and love the DIY aspect of this and am so grateful that I am hitting my stride so quickly and people are excited about my music and what I’m doing! On my website you can sign up for my mailing list and I love sending fun emails (

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