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Evie Balfe is an independent artist out of England, and recently the London-based pop artist released her debut single ‘Remember‘.

Speaking to Eat This Music about the release of the single, Evie explained how the single is “about mourning the loss of childhood innocence and imagination”, while the “concept for the creative process was to use games, improvisation” and ascertain “the idea of play to create all of the music.”

“I was struggling at the time with my creativity and wanted to try and access a childlike imagination that I felt was often lacking in adults.”

“Remember began with me improvising melodic lines and vocal percussive sounds into a loop pedal at home. I then picked my favourite improvised parts and pieced them together to make the song,” Evie continued.

Expressing the importance of the single, Evie expressed how it was very important for her to “make the single at that specific time because” she “felt like” she “had lost a playful, childlike part” of herself that she “wanted to try and recapture.”

“I needed to remind myself that I should have fun with my creative process.”

Expanding on the above statement, Evie added how she “also wanted to remind people listening [to her music] that our imagination and natural instinct to play is so important for our health and work ethic and to allow themselves to do so.”

Coming off the release of Evie’s forthcoming debut EP, “‘Losing Our Gravity’ which will be released in Autumn of this year”, Evie explained to Eat This Music why she wanted to release ‘Remember’ as her debut single, explaining how “Remember sets the tone for the rest of the EP”, which gives “the listeners an idea of what to expect next.”

Going into detail about the previous statement, Evie clarified the timing of the release, as “when the drummer” in her “band, Paint Factory, broke his ankle” they “had to put” themselves “on hiatus” and Evie “felt like this was a good opportunity” for her “to go back to some” of her own “solo work” and also “explore this creative avenue” while she had the time.

“Remember was always going to be the single for this EP, it really sets the tone for the rest of this body of work and is the song around which everything else in the EP revolves.”

As far as debut singles go, Evie has put together a fantastic single that not only showcases her fantastic storytelling ability, but also showcases her soothing instruments but also her deep vibes as an artist. Evie also has an incredible voice, and I am looking forward to more from her closer to the release of her EP.

With all the above said, Evie Balfe has a message for those who may not yet know who she is… however, she is more humble than a whole lot of other artists:

“I’d just like to give a shoutout to my amazing producer Jake Raywood and the incredible James Albarn, who created the artwork and also makes the visuals for Paint Factory. People should check out their work. If you like Remember then be sure to check out Paint Factory, you won’t be disappointed.”

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