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Following on from the release of ‘Game Over‘ in June, Edmonton, Alberta-based alternative pop artist Margø has returned with ‘LOVELOST‘, a song about breaking free from toxic relationships.

Going into detail about the story of ‘LOVELOST’, Margø explained to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A that the “song is about finding self-love,” while “realizing your inner strength” and “never letting anyone determine your worth.”

“This was one of those songs that sort of wrote itself!”

“I knew I wanted to create a really musically powerful song to embody the powerful message in the lyrics,” Margø continues.

Speaking on the production aspect of the single, Margø explains how Margø “worked on the production for “LOVELOST” with Robbie Townsend again” and while they “were building the demo” they “used the most outrageous sounds” they “could find to embody the fierce nature of this song.”

“This was one of my favourite songs to create, and I’m so incredibly happy to share it with the world.”

On why Margø waned to create the single in the first place, Margø expressed how Margø truly believed “when an individual leaves a toxic relationship and is able to begin to find self-love again,” that it is “an incredible transformation” to go through in life.

Margø couldn’t express more how it is “so important to be able to look back on the negative and say “I’ve learned from this. I’ll never let that happen again, I’ll never be that same person again.””

Margø followed up on why Margø wanted to release ‘LOVELOST’ now, explaining how Margø believed “right now, more than ever, we need music that encourages self worth and standing up for yourself/what you believe in.”

“I truly hope that this song evokes those feelings for others the way it did for me.”

The remainder of 2019 look to be a busy time for Margø, as Margø is “hoping to release one more single for 2019” and “hopefully an EP somewhere (soon) down the road!”

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