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I don’t normally promote a lot of rock or metal music on this website or radio show, however, when I do come across a song I like, then I believe it deserves a show. This is the case with the brand new single from Stafford-based rock band Weston Rd titled ‘Take You Down‘.

Speaking on the release of their debut single, The UK-based three-piece explain how the single’s original go back “even before Weston Rd was Weston Rd!”

“As it was then, the band was dealt a nasty blow by someone close to us,” the band continues. “Just a few hours later, all of the emotion and thoughts that were provoked resulted in ‘Take You Down.’”

“You can kind of call it group therapy so we hope that it will be group therapy for all those that get to listen to it too!”

This is an interesting debut single from Weston Rd. I am looking forward to learning more about them and what Joe, Leon and Jake have to offer the world of alternative rock music. Stay tuned for more soon.

Weston Rd Upcoming Shows

10/08/19 – The Redrum, Stafford

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