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Kitzl is an electronic pop producer out of Canada and this is one of the singles off her new album ‘40 Moons That We Know Of‘, which is out now; the single is titled ‘Wizard Girls‘ and it is a song that shows you what can be created under pressure.

Speaking on the creation of Wizard Girls, Kitzl explains how she made the song as she was “under pressure to write something new for a really creative, awesome fashion show” Kitzl “had just been asked to perform at.”

“I had been fighting with a different piece all that week and then a couple of days before the show I scrapped that one and began ‘Wizard Girls’ instead.”

“I frantically produced and performed it with a lot of placeholder lyrics,” Kitzl continues.

Taking inspiration from the “models and designs in the show,” Kitzl has put together a solid electronic pop anthem that offers an insight into her 13-track album that features other great tracks like ‘Spirals‘, ‘SHAM‘, ‘GSF‘, ‘Armadilla‘ and many others.

Kitzl’s album ’40 Moons That We Know Of’ can be listened to below:


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