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Ida Red is a pop three-piece out of Denmark and today sees the release of the Copenhagen natives’ brand new single ‘Army‘; which is a song essentially about “opting out of toxic relationships” explains Ida Red.

Following on from the release of their 2018 singles ‘Oh Girl‘, ‘Wildflower‘ and ‘Talk‘ respectively, ‘Army’ is the fourth single in the musically journey of Nanna E, Greta and Nanna B and the story they are trying to tell.

Speaking to Eat This Music about the release of Army, Ida Red explained how they have all had their “share of toxic relationships and while getting older” they have “learned to free” themselves “from those kind of relationships.”

“We’re all what you would call “pleasers” as we always want people to feel good, make sure everyone is OK and not take up too much space so there is room for everyone.”

Speaking on the subject and inspiration of Army, Ida Red explained to explain how sometimes “toxic people will use that quality for their advantage” and how “it can be very difficult to say no if you’re a pleaser at heart – we think a lot of people can relate to this.”

Essentially the trio wanted to “write a song that celebrates the army of people in” their lives and also “the power in saying goodbye to someone who is not good for you.”

Going into detail about the inspiration of the single, the trio explain how they “always get inspired by what happens in each others lives” and what they are “feeling and thinking about.”

“All of us have experienced toxic relationships, but most recent, one of us had been saying goodbye to a relation that has been going on for years, and the relief that we all felt in the band, when this toxic person was not around anymore gave us the inspiration for the song,” the trio explain.

Additionally the single is “also actually the last piece in a trilogy of songs about toxic relationships that” Ida Red have written:

“Wildflower” (released April 2018) is about being caught in a toxic relationship and not being able to get out because you’re addicted to the pain/love.

“Talk” is about when you realise and accept the fact that you have to let go.

“Army”, the last song to complete the triology, is about celebrating what you have after saying goodbye.

2019 looks to be a big year for the Nanna E, Greta and Nanna B as they are “shooting two live-sessions the last weekend of April,” which includes “one with “Army” and one with “Home” – their forthcoming release. The trio “also have one more concert left” on their “spring tour and some bigger still unannounced concerts during the summer.”

Not only that, but their “debut-EP is gonna be released” and they have “have a fall tour coming up too.”

Ida Red’s ‘Army’ is out now via via Warner Music Denmark on all digital streaming platforms

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