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Sølv is a pop artist out of the UK and recently the London-based pop artist released her brand new single ‘Bittersweet‘, a song essentially about demons creeping into relationships.

Offering a solid slice of dark, brooding, pop beats full of synths, rattles, and digitally orchestrated rhythms, Sølv has put together a heavy handed pop anthem that not only explores the aforementioned story, but also using the just over four minute single to explore the struggles of relationships “and the dilemma in knowing that the other person is struggling in exactly the same way,” explains Sølv, “even though you’re coexisting in complete synergy, it doesn’t change the distance created.”

Bittersweet is the first taste of what’s to come from Sølv, as this is also the first taste of music since the release of Sølv’s 2017 EP ‘Codeine‘.


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