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Sweden’s SHY Nodi is an artist I am happy to have come across today, not just because of his sick vibe – no pun intended – but his slow building electronic horns, instrumentals and vocal range gives me that great feeling I had when hearing SAATSUMA‘s Floating for the first time.

SHY Nodi is an interesting artist, he has put together this solid mix of electronic, R&B and large, a cappella A cappella-like worldly sounds, which also showcase loud instrumentals and digital production.

Deep down though, No Vibe does have a story to tell, speaking on the single, SHY Nodi explains how No Vibe is a song that explores a “self-perceived image of identifying destructive patterns in a relationship and daring to break free from them.”

“People change and it’s sad how money, status and material things sometimes can be prioritized over true friendship or love.”

“In this world, genuine relationship are all we have left in the end. You can’t take money with you to the grave.” SHY Nodi concludes.

SHY Nodi is an artist I am looking forward to hearing more from in 2019.

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