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Pretty Pink is a DJ, musician and record producer out of Germany – and head-honcho of Wanderlust Records – and today sees the release of her brand new single ‘Move It‘, a reimagining of Real 2 Real’s 1993 classic hit ‘I Like To Move It’.

“Electro-pop from the 80s & 90s played a huge role in my musical inspiration,” explains Pretty In Pink, “which is why I decided to pay tribute to Real to Real’s classic with my rework, ‘Move It’.”

“I love combining classic records from the 90s and my own signature production style of groovy, strong bass-lines meshes with a variety of synth melodies.”

Coming off the release of “Pure” two months ago, Pretty Pink has returned with a single that essentially revamps what the 1993 classic was, offering a deep, hard-hitting house music vibe, mixed with dance essentially and electronic waves throughout this six minutes and two second offering of club-primed tech-house and dance vibes.

For comparisons sake, you can have a listen to the original single below – accompanied by the classic music video, don’t be thrown off about how different it is. in fact, deep down, there are quite a lot of similarities.

While ‘I Like To Move It’ is a great 90s track to revamp in her own vision, Pretty Pink has also previously revamped other songs she has had in mind for a while, “I’ve already revamped many!”, Pretty Pink explains.

“My tracks “What Is Love” and “Start To Feel” are both remixes of the originals from Haddaway and Cosmic Gate – also from the 90s!

The remainder of 2018 looks to be a big two-to-three months for Pretty Pink as she has “next single, ‘Overrated’, coming out Friday, November 16th” and she is “extremely excited for this one [Overrated] & hope” her “fans love it as much as” she does.

To conclude 2018 and start 2019, Pretty Pink will “be playing gigs in clubs & indoor festivals all around Germany and” she is “hoping to spend a couple of relaxing Christmas days with” her family!

“I’m planning on releasing my debut album in 2019, as well as heading to the US to complete my first US tour – I’m excited for everything that’s to come.”

Pretty Pink’s ‘Move It’ is now out via all major digital streaming platforms.

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