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Ella Fence is an electronic pop artist out of the Gold Coast and recently the Queensland native released her brand new single “Call Girl”, a song essentially about exploring booty calls.

“I got a text message from an old boyfriend on the weekend in the middle of the night and it really annoyed me and I was like “I’m going to write a song about this because I am furious”.”

The last time I had a chat with Queensland artist Ella Fence was April 2017, since then, Ella has been making a name for herself within the Australian music scene with the releases of “Cocaine”, “Aeroplane Mode” and her latest release “Call Girl”.

Going into detail about Call Girl, Ella explains how it does “draw on themes of being accessible to people in terms of social media — your phone — your email.”

Ella adds, “the fact you carry your mobile phone means that you therefore need to be on it all the time.”

Speaking on the release of Call Girl, Ella expands on how happy she is with the release of he single, as her producer and James – who preforms on the live show – offered their own expertise to the single; and having “support from people” around her “and their time and being able to work with such talented people who have so much to bring and offer in different ways.”

“I always wanted it to be a dance-y fun track. We thought of it with festivals in mind.”

With the help of grant funding through the city of Gold Coast, Ella has been working hard on an album. A song Ella explains feels great “to have that sort of support” from not just friends and family, but also peers within the Australian music industry.

The rest of 2018 and beyond looks to be a good time for the Gold Coast-based artist as Ella is currently “doing a lot of different writing” and “collaborating with a lot of different people from hip hop artists to punk bands.”

April 2017 interview with Ella Fence

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