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Miki Rose is a bi-coastal artist – after having spent her time between London and Los Angeles – and today Miki released her first independent release titled “Wavy“.

“Wavy”, as the title implies, sways the listener along for a journey through neon pop vibes, electronic feels and essentially explores “feeling free of all worries” in life explains Miki.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Miki explained to Eat This Music how the single first came about in September 2016, when Miki “was visiting family in the New Forest, a breath taking national park in South England”.

Toolbox sent me a big batch of beats. I went on a walk in the magical national forest and the first beat I listened to was a beat called wavlikedis. I immediately wrote the hook “I like getting wavy with my baby” and the song kinda wrote itself.

Miki then took the project to California, where she “recorded the demo back in LA at Haus Music Studios in December of 2016”. And then she “properly recorded it at The Village Studios in Santa Monica, Ca by Alvin Wee in March 2018.”

To coincide with the release of the single, Miki has also released a music video – which plays off perfectly to the above described notions of the single.

Going into detail about the music video, Miki reminicese about her “first single “Right There”,” and how “the video didn’t come out until 6 months after the song,” so it made her “want to have my videos ready before I released the song.”

That following “May 2017,” The music video for Wavy “was filmed in London in a studio in Hackney Wick.”

“It was my last week in town before going to LA, We didn’t really have much in mind to what we wanted expect to mess around with the vhs camera and wear some sick looks. It was styled by Hannah Ruane, make up by Aishia Clarke.”

“It was filmed on an old vhs camera and a red camera,” Miki concludes.

I basically taught myself premiere pro to edit this video, and now I’ve got myself into doing a video for each song on my upcoming project.

Miki is a great talent – as she offers a solid mix of R&B, pop, soul and electronic production – and I am looking forward to more form her in the coming months… and years.

Miki has a busy couple of months ahead with a forthcoming project titled “Nomad Diaries” which Miki explains “will be released in 2019” with “production from El. Train, More // Night, LAX _ERA, toolbox, Sh?m, and Jengi.”

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