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Madge is a one-woman DIY pop artist out of Los Angeles and recently Madge released her repetitively-pop anthem ‘How To Play‘, which is essentially a rulebook on how to play the pop music game.

Speaking on the creation of How To Play, Madge how “a lot of” her “songs are dark and metaphoric – a characteristic that” she is “proud of and” her “go-to approach when” she is “cooking lyrics.”

“This time around I wanted to make something simple, repetitive, and literal.” Madge explains.

““How To Play” is the Cliff’s Notes version of Madge. It’s also a self-affirmation of what I can do and what I’m here to do.”

The fact How To Play is so simple, repetitive and includes basic – in form of instrument and beats – beats makes this an enjoyable track that doesn’t seem overly produced with digital production and unnecessary longevity.

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