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Mr Little Jeans and Sofi Tukker are two different artists that I like and believe deserve more recognition than they get.

With Sofi Tukker recently releasing their debut album Treehouse, (with great bangers ‘Fuck They‘ featuring on the record), earlier in 2018 and Mr Little Jeans releasing her F E V E R S EP in 2016, the two worlds have no collided with Sofi Tukker taking charge with a bouncy dance remix of Mr Little Jeans’ smash hit single ‘Forgetter‘.

Speaking on the release of the new single, Mr Little Jeans explains how she “wrote ‘Forgetter’ after a devastating break-up.”

“I was severely depressed. But once I accepted how toxic the relationship had been, my mental state did a 180, almost overnight. I suddenly felt like I had superpowers.

“‘Forgetter’ is about this journey and the belief that you will survive a fall — no matter how dark,” Mr Little Jeans concludes.

One song I like to continue going back to is Mr Little Jeans’ The Suburbs and Sofi Tukker’s Awoo, both are great tracks show why the individual artists are the best in their fields.

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