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Two weeks ago Australian producer and songwriter Xavier Dunn released is second EP titled ‘Isic Tutor‘, an EP that was produced and written spanning multiple years, as Xavier explained to Eat This Music, the EP was essentially “a ‘work-in-progress’ kinda deal.”

Going into details about the EP, Xavier continues how “Some of the songs like ‘Warming’ and ‘Well’ were written 6 years ago,” with “‘Isic Tutor’ & ’Nightmares’” having been “written just last year.”

“I wanted to get the old songs in the same place sonically as the new songs, hoping it would bridge the gap of how much time had passed since I wrote them both.”

“It’s uber human of us to want to fix things, even things that can’t be fixed… That’s what this EP is about,” Xavier continues.

Isic Tutor is an interested EP, while the title track comes off as a straight forward dark, deep mix of electronic, the rest of the EP breaches a diversive “gap between my love for soft acoustic chill music and janky synth sounds out of all the tracks,” with songs like Warming being a standout of the EP, Xavier has put together a solid mix of beats.

Expanding on the diversiveness of the singles, Xavier explains how he was “in different places” when he wrote these self-proclaimed “babies”, so they “are a little different… but as a group, they unify to create the sum of the EP.”

“I tried to stay true to their original births, but also wanted to streamline the EP so it felt like a family.”

While the EP only features five singles, Xavier assured Eat This Music that there “were so many songs I could’ve chosen, but these seemed right at the time,” adding ow she was “sure if I had more time to choose and mull over them, I could’ve picked entirely different tracks.”

2018 looks to be a big year for Xavier Dunn, as now that his EP is out, the songwriter and all-round fantastic producer can get back to “working with Jack River on her next album” and “Graace’s next singles and EP” and “a couple of other artists” he can’t name yet.

Xavier Dunn’s Isic Tutor is now out through 1825 Records via the usual digital streaming platforms.

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