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LENN is a pop artist out of Bristol and today sees the release of her second single ‘Cheap Talk‘, a song that is essentially used as a platform for LENN to express a euphoric “FUCK YOU” to an ex-boyfriend, as LENN dives into the story about being strung along by a non-committal, guilt-shifting and manipulative ex-boyfriend.

Coming off the release of LENN’s debut single ‘I Know How‘ two months ago, LENN explains how working on the “this song was therapy for” her, as LENN was able to let out “a build-up of feelings that” she “didn’t know what to do with, but after a good vent, ‘Cheap Talk’ was formed….and now I’m
over it [laughs].”

LENN’s Cheap Talk features a good mix of digital electronic beats, large vocal range and soothing melodies as she incorporates a nicely tuned product of story driven content.

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