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Eat This Music: Tell me about ARTLOVER. What is ARTLOVER all about/why did you want to get into music?

ARTLOVER: When I was working with fashion in London I always felt surrounded by artistic people and influences, which sort of lid a spark in me.

I felt empty inside sometimes after I came back home from work, so a way to escape that was to start playing piano and sing cover songs. That’s how it all began, and once I became better I started collaborating with people.

What is Want U Back about?

“Want U back” is about immature love and loss. Immature love is something I believe most people have experienced at some point in their life and it’s usually predestined to end at some point. It’s a precious kind of love that should be cherished and its feeling can be remembered for a lifetime.

How did you go about creating it?

I started playing F# C# D E chords on the piano, and once I had that basic progression I took those chords to Swedish writer / producer Max Billion who helped me write and build the arrangement. Once we had a structure we sent it to a guy at JYP entertainment Tae-Seop Lee(Twice, Day6) who then finished the track off.

Why was it your first release?

I picked it because it had such a nice retro feeling and it certainly defines me as an artist very well. I love retro music, especially 80’s (Madonna, Cher etc), it has something special style wise and there is a lot of true emotion and youth culture in music from that era.

What are you working on next?

I am currently in the midst of finishing my debut EP that should be out around spring. Then we have a music video for this single that will be out in a couple of week’s time.

What else do you have planned in 2018?

I’m hoping to do a lot of live shows when my EP comes out. Also, visit my family and friends in Korea and eat loads of Kimchi!

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