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Perfect is the new single from Swedish pop artist ISA and it is a song “about beauty ideals and how to cope with the pressure of always being perfect.”

Speaking on the creation of Perfect, ISA explains “It’s about how it is the inadequacies that makes each and everyone unique and that it’s ok not to be perfect – people will like you anyway.”

“Perfect is both a statement and a self-reminder. I’ve been spending too much time and energy trying to be perfect in the eyes of others, and I see it as a continuous process daring to challenge and question norms, ideals and, first and foremost, oneself.”

Perfect is a good example of simple song writing with a mix of simple electronic pop vibes and a story – that affects a lot of people worldwide – while also being a good follow-up to Light On and ISA.

ISA‘s Perfect is out now through ISA‘s own label Licious Music.

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