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Melbourne experimental electronic artist Aeora has returned with ‘Need You‘, a song that explores the reflection of independence in relationships, touching on the themes of “doubts, the love and the pain.”

Speaking on the creation of Need You, Aeora explains how Need You is essentially “about reflecting upon my own idea of being independent and still needing someone else, and telling myself that it’s okay.”

Working in collaboration with co-writer LANKS on the project, LANKS comments on the overall tone of Need You as “so emotional and evocative,” through Aeora’s vocals.

“…as the song developed her voice continues to be such a powerful anchoring point that the rest of the production so perfectly sits around.”

2017 has been a good year for Aeora with the previous releases of Boss-y and Fenceline receiving acclaim from not just around Australian radio, but also online.

Need You is a good addition to an already strong stable of songs, with Need You adding more proverbial mystic to Aeora‘s universe of big, atmospheric electronic sounds.

Eat This Music had the opportunity to have a chat with Aeora in August about her – then – new release Fenceline.

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