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Elhoim is a Los Angeles-based electronic pop artist and Whethan is a Chicago-based electronic pop artist and today the two worlds have collided to create a new pop-filled offering that showcases the two individual aspects of their creative vision. From Elohim’s impeccable vocals to Whethan’s impeccable production work.

This three minute offering showcases a more brighter side to their music that shows why this song could get more radio play than their other work – specifically Elohim, as this new single offers a bright outlook on the pop/electronic sphere with a lot more to be discovered.

Speaking on the creation of the track, Elohim noted how Whethan send her a “rough track he had made sampling my song ‘Bridge and The Wall.'”

“I fell in love with the feeling instantly and together we created a song that feels like butterflies in the summertime.”

With Whethan additionally nothing how “Sleepy Eyes is the product of summery vibes mixed with synthy beats and Elohim’s vocals. Jam it loud!”

Have a listen below.

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