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“What is The Deathgate and what happens when it opens in 8 days?” is the age old question… alright, so it isn’t that old. But what exactly is The Deathgate? I received an e-mail recently asking if I – or anyone else that received the e-mail – was able to crack the code?

From what I can gather, The Deathgate could be a band and the countdown on the website – which is currently at “7 days 00 hours 50 minutes 37 seconds as of this post – and by doing some of my own research via the internet; which I am absolutely not willing to give away, I believe the countdown leads to a new single or album for a band (probably called The Deathgate; or maybe the album or single is called that) as I was able to find something that leads to a certain video hosting website (YouTube), Soundcloud and a couple of other notable platforms in the code. However, The Deathgate could also be a music festival?

As far as anything else than that, there is an audio clip playing throughout the website, it could be played in reverse or maybe just monotoned down; it features morse code towards the end.

I guess we have to wait to find out. For now though, you can head on over to the website and discover its secrets for yourself.

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