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To celebrate the release of their forthcoming EP, ‘Fable’, due out for release independently on 31 March, the Sydney duo have released another taste of what’s to come off the EP with ‘East’.

Having previously released ‘Fading‘ back in November 2016, Parissa and David return with another effort that showcases their diverse range as a duo, which contributes to the overall production and presentation in their own way; with Parissa’s vocal range and David’s precise production work.

Tackling the issue of “how powerful and capable people can be in their youth,” (sic) Parissa noted how the two of them wanted to change their music style by shaking it up “sonically and lyrically.”

“We felt the tone and concepts of our self-titled EP had served their purpose, so ‘East’ was the first point of departure into a soundscape that was exciting and new for us.”

This four minute and 35 second second effort shows more of what’s to come off their forthcoming album with more atmospheric pop, heavy use of synthesisers, narratively driven elements and the chemistry the two share in their product that has shine throughout their work so far.

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