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The Jensens are ready to kick 2017’s ass with a brand new groovy surf-rock new groovy surf-rock sounding track called ‘Gaff’s Song’ and the news of their forthcoming EP, Sexless, due out March 31st.

Brisbane based five-piece The Jensens have continued their style of combining alternative rock with a brand new taste of groovy surf-rock sounds, a trait they have kept ever since their launch in 2013.

Late last year I had the chance to interview The Jensens’ guitarist/keyboardist Joe, and he gave me a little bit of what to expect with their follow-up EP. With the track taking a more breezy, guitar and vocal heavy route than their previous tracks, the song’s narrative is “about wilfully denying yourself of something instinctual,” (sic)

With the added notion of having “an internal argument of wanting love, but having no more time you’re prepared to give.”

“It’s about sex being both a vital shared experience and a temporary distraction of a life otherwise lived at existential breaking point. And how pursuing that experience, is to enter a world of sacrifice and convention. It’s about appreciating the fact that your mind has been trained to feed you the notion of significance, by way of the libido, but ultimately questioning the necessity of all of it.”

Gaff’s Song is off The Jensens’ forthcoming EP, Sexless, due out for release on March 31.

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