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Today is a big day in the world of Alex the Astronaut, not only did SpaceX successfully launch a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center, placing a Dragon spacecraft in orbit, but Sydney’s own singer-songwriter Alex the Astronaut has also released her brand new single, ‘Rockstar City’, and details of her forthcoming EP, ‘To Whom It May Concern’, which is scheduled for release on 31 March, 2017 via Minkowski Records.

Rockstar City is the second song in the already strong stable of tracks Alex the Astronaut has released prior to the EP. Alex’s first single Already Home was a massive hit in the latter part of 2016, which launched (no pun intended) Alex the Astronaut into the Australian music scene, showcasing her amazing vocals and overall presentation of the track that saw her get a lot of radio play on community radio and nationally.

Alex continues her amazing storytelling via the use of her music with this second effort off the forthcoming EP, which sees Alex sending a message to her mother about her music and “first gig in New York City”, via the use of her music.

“‘Rockstar City’ is a postcard home to my Mum about my first gig in New York City. I signed up for a 15 minute slot to play at the famous Bitter End, where all the folk stars started out in the 1960s. Bob Dylan had been a regular there, Billy Joel had played ‘Piano Man’ there two weeks before I performed, and Etta James, Joni Mitchell and plenty other rockstars had sung there too. The names could be read off from the list of past performers on the wall behind the bar and I was really nervous. I powered through and even though I was a bit shaken and awkward I made it out okay.”

With the added notion of the song being about “celebrating the little wins” in life and about sharing.

“This song’s about taking everything in and celebrating the little wins you get sometimes and sharing them with the people you love.”

While this song is much faster paced than Already Home, Alex has continued to show narrative in her songs that showcases her great storytelling expertise in the way she conducts her music throughout the entirety of the track.

Alex the Astronaut releases her debut EP To Whom It May Concern on Friday 31st March via Minkowski Records.

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