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In the latter part of 2016, Tel Aviv’s Noga Erez released her debut single called ‘Dance While You Shoot’ and I was completely blown away by it – pun unintended – it was a song that I really liked and it was in my top five songs of 2016, so I am glad to hear that Noga Erez has released a second single and news of her debut album, ‘Off the Radar’, due out for release on 2 June on City Slang via Inertia Music in Australia. This is an album I am looking forward to.

Noga Erez is kicking off 2017 by announcing her brand new single “Pity”, which is also the second single off her debut album, ‘Off the Radar’. Noga Erez’s debut album ‘Off the Radar’ will be released on June 2 on City Slang via Inertia Music and today she goes straight for the jugular with the video for the fearlessly controversial new single – featuring a varied source of electronic-synth heavy percussion with the added bonus of her lyrics over the course of the three minute and 25 second song.

Noga noted how the single was “influenced by a sexual assault case that happened a few years ago,” (sic) and how in today’s society, people chose to film the sexual assault on their phones rather than helping.

“People stood by and willingly chose to film on their smartphones and then upload the videos and share them online. The presence of cameras and the violation of the victim’s rights and respect was completely disregarded beyond measure.”

‘Off the Radar’ by Noga Erez is out June 2 on City Slang via Inertia Music

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