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Katy Steele is an Australian artist I am enjoying a lot at the moment. I recently got the chance to talk about her previous track ‘Where’s The Laughter‘ on the website, and also had the opportunity to interview her, so I am glad to write that Katy Steele is back with a new track, this time around it’s called ‘It Ain’t Me’, and it is also three days until the release of her new album ‘Human’!

The video for ‘It Ain’t Me’ – the second track from ‘Human’ – features Katy wondering around all types of places and singing and dancing and playing with flowers and jumping and much more.

About the track, Katy Steele says the writing of the song was a turning point for her in regards to finding a direction and vision as to where exactly she was going to take the album:

“Writing this song really was a turning point for me in terms of finding the vision and direction for the album. I felt like I had found the right sentiment and it really helped cement the vision for the rest of them. The lyrics really touch on parts of the long road I’ve been on in getting to this point. But I wanted to keep it really uplifting and empowering “

Katy Steele’s ‘Human’ is set to be released in Australia, this Friday, October 21 via Create/Control.

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