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Noah Earp – no relation to Wynona Earp; which is a really fun show that I enjoy by the way – has released his new single called ‘The Raw and the Cooked’, which is one of the many great singles to come with his debut album called ‘Disinheritor’, which is due out for release on October 28.

To go with the new single, Noah has released a self-made music video to go along with ‘The Raw and the Cooked’, which features a character annoying kids on a skatepark as he prepares himself to skate the park on rollerskates. You can check out the video for yourself below:

Until then though, Noah mentions that the track is about how nothing is too neat and nobody’s perfect:

“The Raw and the Cooked is about a person who is trapped in a bad scene. At first she seems really cynical, but actually the cynicism masks a certain naivete. We all have this to some extent – nothing is too neat and nobody’s perfect. I liked the idea of a love song that wasn’t… in the end this pretty love song fragments into a million pieces, because life is scary and chaotic.”

To celebrate the release of Noah’s debut album, Noah will be playing a gig in Melbourne on October 27 at The Toff in Town. Head on over to Noah’s Facebook to get all other details and to click “going,” because you should support Noah.

Earp’s debut album ‘Disinheritor’ is due out October 28. Head on over to Noah Earp’s website for more.

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