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Last month I played a track from a new Australian artist called Moreton – Moreton features front woman and guitarist Georgia, along with the rhythm section of drummer Myka and bassist Lee – and their brand-spanking new debut single ‘The Water’. However, Moreton is back with the third track (chronologically), which is also from her upcoming debut EP called ‘Specimen’, which is due out for release on October 7 via Create/Control.

But first, let’s get into the new track.

Moreton’s new track is called ‘Johana’ and, according to Moreton’s frontwoman, Georgia, Johana is about looking out for each other in hard times:

“I hope Johana serves as a reminder to look out for one another. The downtrodden, the lonely, the dispossessed – they need not feel cast aside. We underestimate the potency of showing a little compassion, a little care towards each other.”

Moreton’s debut EP ‘Specimen’, which will feature five tracks (including ‘The Water’ and ‘Johana’, is now available to pre-order via iTunes and Spotify ahead of its release via Create/Control on October 7.

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