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KLP talks the creative process behind ‘Ember’

KLP released a video on her Twitter about the creative process behind her new single ‘Ember’, which is part of her forthcoming EP, also called ‘Ember’, which is due for release October 16. KLP talks about working in Bali, with other people, and much more.

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It has been a while since I have heard nothing but “Air, air, air, air, air, air! It all just sounds the same!” from KLP, I really do dig KLP’s ‘Air’, because it is a fun track and it really gets me moving, and I like to sing along to it when it plays in my car, and I honestly like to run to it, but I am also really glad to write she has dropped a new song called ‘Ember’ from her forthcoming EP, called Ember, which is due out for release on October 16.

For those that aren’t aware of who KLP is, well, KLP is a Sydney based musician and DJ (secret identity: Kristy Lee Peters). She currently hosts House Party on triple j, Saturday nights from 6PM, but when she isn’t hosting, she also dwells into her own artistry by producing and singing her own music.

As mentioned above. KLP has created two other songs that I really enjoy. One being ‘Recover’ and the other being ‘Air’. I highly suggest checking out both of those below, because they will also be included within the Ember EP.

As previously wrote about on this website, KLP will be playing gigs at Yours & Owls. I will definitely be checking her out, and you should too!

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