I have always been a fan of Balcony TV, and I have promoted their work recently when Emily Kinney and Sahara Beck did their live performances on the Los Angeles and Gold Coast editions of Balcony TV, respectively.

To say I was ecstatic to see an e-mail in my inbox from Cindi of Balcony TV is an understatement, specially the fact she wanted me to check out a band an indie pop/electro duo she is currently working with, called ‘Cosmos & Creature’ was great enough to read on its own.

Cosmos & Creature – aka Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore – are an indie pop/electro duo from Los Angeles, California, and this past week, they have released their debut single called ‘Young’.

On the creation of ‘Young’, Brandyn describes the song as a piece that was influenced by ’90s pop.

“It’s the first song we officially wrote for the project. Influenced by an era of anthemic ’90s pop, we blend electronic, soul & alternative elements to create the soundscape for our stories.” — Quote via Pigeon and Planes

While ‘Young’ is officially their debut single, Cosmos & Creature did a pretty good cover of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Team’, which I highly suggest checking out below:

I am looking forward to seeing more from Cosmos & Creature throughout 2017! Definitely hit them up on their socials and let them know what you think about their debut single. I know I will!

Get to know Cosmos & Creature


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