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Sahara Beck is an artist I like a lot. In fact, I have played her on four separate occasions on Eat This Music – episodes 14, 18, 23 and 61. I guess you can say I dig her music a lot.

However, this time Sahara Beck is back with a new song called ‘Tapping On The Roof’ directly off her second album ‘Panacea’, which is currently available via various platforms.

Of the release, Sahara noted:

“Tapping on the roof deals with the idea of someone who has lost their mind and is running about the streets acting like a crazy person to those who can’t understand what is going on inside their head. Similar to the saying “those who were dancing looked quite insane to those who couldn’t hear the music.”

You can listen to Sahara Beck’s ‘Tapping on the Roof’ from her second album ‘Panacea’, below. You can also head on over to her website to grab a copy of her second album now.

Sahara Beck also recently performed that song on a recently episode of Balcony TV, which you can also see below.

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