The first live lineup for Brisbane’s BIGSOUND Festival 2016 (7-9 September) has been announced – featuring the likes of Sampa the Great, Alex Lahey, West Thebarton Brothel Party, Gabriella Cohen, Tigertown, Tash Sultana, MOSSY, Olympia, Bec Sandridge, Ivan Ooze, Circles, Gideon Bensen, Good Boy, Sarah Connor, BANFF, Tiny Little Houses, Fascinator, Middle Kids, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Mere Women.

With the first instalment of live music announced – including those Australian artists above – Bigsound will also be featuring international acts like NAATIONS (US), Fazerdaze (NZ), Groeni (NZ), Prateek Kuhad (India) and Young Tapz (NZ).

Co-programmer of the festival Maggie Collins noted:

Nick and I thoroughly reviewed every single act on this lineup so far. All the acts make compelling music in their own style and are in a position to use BIGSOUND to make their mark either nationally or globally. What an honor it is to facilitate that process and further strengthen the economy of contemporary Australian music.


The full list can be found below:

30/70 (AUS)
Ainslie Wills (AUS)
Alex Lahey (AUS)
Alice Ivy (AUS)
Allan Smithy (AUS)
Andrew Tuttle (AUS)
Australia (AUS)
B Wise (AUS)
Bec Sandridge (AUS)
Birdz (AUS)
Braille Face (AUS)
Broadway Sounds (AUS)
Chronolyth (AUS)
Circles (AUS)
Clairy Browne (AUS)
Rat & Co (AUS)Ribongia (AUS)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (AUS)
Fait (AUS)
Fascinator (AUS)
Fazerdaze (NZ)
Fountaineer (AUS)
Fractures (AUS)
Gabriella Cohen (AUS)
Gideon Bensen (AUS)
Good Boy (AUS)
Gregor (AUS)
Groeni (NZ)
Heads Of Charm (AUS)
Houses (AUS)
Totally Mild (AUS)
Huntly (AUS)
Unity Floors (AUS)
West Thebarton Brothel Party (AUS)
Jack Grace (AUS)
Jakubi (AUS)
Young Tapz (NZ)
King Social (AUS)
Leah Senior (AUS)
Loose Tooth (AUS)
Luke Daniel Peacock (AUS)
Mere Women (AUS)
Middle Kids (AUS)
Mosquito Coast (AUS)
Naked (AUS)
Oh Pep! (AUS)
Olympia (AUS)
Prateek Kuhad (INDIA)
Raised By Eagles (AUS)
Coda Conduct (AUS)
Columbus (AUS)
Confidence Man (AUS)
Rolls Bayce (AUS)
Sampa The Great (AUS)
Sarah Connor (AUS)
Selahphonic (AUS)
Shining Bird (AUS)
Sydonia (AUS)
Tapestry (AUS)
Tash Sultana (AUS)
Telling (AUS)
Terrible Truths (AUS)
The Outdoor Type (AUS)
These New South Whales (AUS)
Thigh Master (AUS)
Tigertown (AUS)
Tinpan Orange (AUS)
Heads Of Charm (AUS)
Tiny Little
Hideous Sun Demon (AUS)
Hot Spoke (AUS)
Totally Unicorn (AUS)
Ivan Ooze (AUS)
Jarrow (AUS)

The BIGSOUND conference runs simultaneously from September 7 – 9 and has already announced international speakers heading down under to check out the talent that includes industry speakers :

Jaddan Comerford – UNIFIED (AUS) – Keynote
A.B. Original (Briggs & Trials) (AUS) – Keynote
Matt Ash – Raw Power Management (USA)
Alex Becket – Creative Artists Agency (USA)
Alex Bruford – ATC Live (UK)
Marcy Bulkely – Wild Card AV (USA)
Laura Byrne – Made In Katana / The Scouted (AUS)
Jon Coombs – Secretly Publishing (USA)
Dana Erickson – Grandstand Media & Management (USA)
Emmy Feldman – Canvasback (USA)
Jane Blondel – Songs For Children (Hong Kong)
Sebastian Freed – The Bowery Presents (USA)
Alastair Green – Maker (AUS)
Lawson Higgins – The Royalty Network, Inc (USA)
Zac Ives – Goner Records (USA)
Jeremy Maciak – Vagrant Records / BMG (USA)
Lindsay McDougall (AUS)
Dean Ormston – APRA AMCOS (AUS)
Jim Pitt – Conan (USA)
Josh Roth – Superfly (USA)
Katie Rynne – Select Music (AUS)
Jon Salter – ATO Records (USA)
Jackie Shuman – Good Ear Music Supervision (USA)
Chris Swanson – Secretly Group (USA)
Edwin Tehrani – New World Artists (AUS)
Taylor Testa – Universal Music Publishing Group (USA)
Roman Trystram – Creative Artists Agency (UK)
Marco Walzel – Avocado Booking (GER)
Tom Wironen – Post Hoc Management (USA)

Tickets for the BIGSOUND Festival are on sale now. Head on over to BIGSOUND for more.

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