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I have to admit: I have no idea who Bleached is, but after watching their video for “Wednesday Night Melody,” I want to know more about them and probably go and watch them play live! Also, signing up to Inertia’s releases was probably the best choice for this website, because I really like presenting new artists.

The video depicts Bleached band members, Jessie Clavin and Micayla Grace, coming home to find their lead singer, Jennifer Clavin, dead. But the band has an important gig that night at renowned L.A. rock club, The Smell, and the show must go on!

Jennifer noted:

We’ve known each other for years from the Smell scene in L.A. I didn’t realize how well his concept for this video flowed with the lyrics until after we finished filming. The lyrics started off as a letter to myself and range from depicting the indulgence of vices to escape, sad reflection of the past, and into the acceptance of those feelings as a part of life and feeling hopeful for the future. So the fact that I play dead during this whole video was such an abstract take on it that it felt perfect.

Head on over to iTunes to pre-order their album now.

Their latest work ‘Welcome The Worms’ is out Friday, April 1 on Dead Oceans via Inertia (Australia).

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