– “Happy Slow Riverbends” by Redspencer
– “Release” by Belltalk
– “Vintage Books” by Cloud Control
– “Adam” by These New South Whales
– “All My Friends” by FOAM
– “Angeline” by Bearhug
– “Bang Bang Bang” by Sahara Beck
– “Conquer” by Eloquor
– “Eskimo” by Pekoe
– “Go Back Home” by Sid Pattni (Ft. Meg Mac)
– “Grey Skies” by Elsie Lange
– “Heavy” by Eves
– “Know Hope” by Deadlights
– “Madeline” by Sassin Fras
– “Middle Names” by Ceres
– “Never Had Much Time” by The Ninjas
– “Numbered” by Residual
– “Old Enough To Know Better” by Dead Albatross
– “Ouroboros” by Airling
– “Pentimento” by Foxsmith
– “Reflection” by The Desert Sea
– “Sell, Sell, Sell” by Pansy
– “Sour” by Tim Fitz

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